Passionate about computers and machines since my childhood, I used to dream about making the world a better place using new technologies. This interest in this field led me to start learning how to code by myself as a teenager and then study electrical and computer engineering with the aim of turning my passions into a professional career.

Today, not much has changed. Currently working as a back-end developer at Metron, a company working towards reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint of companies using AI, my daily role involves maintaining and improving Java applications, in order to effectively get factories data from our clients all around the globe, and developing APIs to manage them.

I am fascinated by human-machine interactions, from the psychological aspect to its implementation, so that's why I have a strong interest in working on robotics and smart objects, as they're shaping our future lives. Even in my spare time, I tend to continue writing code at home in order to give life to my wildest ideas using my hardware background by making fun and stupid stuff with microcontrollers, servo motors, and LEDs.

Beyond doing computer stuff, I enjoy drawing comic strips, doing Crossfit, and recently, 3D modeling and printing.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly by email or using one of my social media linked below. Also, if you're interested, you can download my resume here.

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